How can social media be used in education?

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Social media is one of the most important parts of our life nowadays. It is used for fun, entertainment, communication, education. It is even used to lead the revolutions, strikes, do unite political movements, and religious communities. Even if you want to ignore it, you can’t. Especially if you work in education because students are […]

5 Benefits of Social Media in Education

social media benefits

Students have access to a huge amount of information for free if they use social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. This begs the question: What would be the benefit of social media in schools and colleges and can such sites assist in teaching as well as learning. Below we will highlight some of […]

Snapchat Questions Get to Know Me

How well do your friends know you? Check out ten “Get to Know Me” boards and put them to the test! Tag us at @growingsocialmedia when you post to your story! Snapchat Get To Know Me Facts About Me Facts About My Family Facts About My School Facts About My Favorite Things Facts About My […]

22 Best Instagram Captions For Guys: My team good, we don’t really need a mascot

instagram captions for guys

For guys, deciding what to caption your Instagram is a critical decision. You don’t want it to be lame or unoriginal! We totally understand your dilemma. Check out these Instagram captions for guys that are perfect for all kinds of occasions! Top Captions for Guys Guys Group Pics Captions I can’t really see another squad […]

Trash the Dress: 20 of the Most Outrageous Photos

trash the dress

“Trash the dress”, also known as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock”, is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant bridal clothing with a setting that is out of place. Allegedly this trend started around 2001, courtesy of wedding photographer, John Michael Cooper. Although, with the average wedding dress costing $1,211, it’s hard to […]

Cool Snapchat Names: Take The Unique Name Quiz!

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If you’re searching for cool snapchat names, then search no further! Other sites will list random words or phrases which leaves you are essentially picking from the same group of names as thousands of other people. You might change the name a little, or get some inspiration to create your own, but there’s no need […]

How to Quit Social Media

how to quit social media

It is hard to think of a time when we were not constantly checking our phones to see if we were retweeted, snapchatted, or had our pictures liked on Instagram. It seems as though social media rules our lives at times, for better or for worse. Studies have even shown that social media is addictive. […]

Funny Snapchat Ideas Your Friends Will Love

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Snapchat is fast becoming everyone’s go-to social media platform, and with entertainment at it’s core, here are some funny snapchat ideas for you to try out! Snapchat allows you to let loose and have fun as you chat and interact with your friends in regards to split-second everyday life, very different from Facebook’s polished “once-in-a-while” […]

Funniest YouTube videos of 2016

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It was the year many would rather not think about ever again, but 2016 was a great year for funny youtube videos, and since everyone needs cheering up, we’ve put together the funniest youtube videos of 2016. The Funniest YouTube videos of 2016:   Channing Tatum and his wife brought us this gem:   Channing […]

10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites in India

popular social media sites India

Social Networking sites in India generate a huge amount of traffic compared with other countries, but it’s not just population density that equates for this traffic. India is without a doubt becoming one of the most technologically active countries in the world, producing talented graduates in the fields of IT, Engineering, Programming, Data Analysis, among […]

Best and Worst Social Media Challenges

The past few years have been full of social media challenges — some of them were for fun, some were for charity, and some were just downright outrageous! These challenges are usually short-lived, but spread quickly across the net, often spawning millions of new videos and photos and becoming lodged in our pop culture vernacular […]

Instagram Stories’ Best Hidden Features

instagram stories features

Have you dabbled in the new Instagram Stories function? Maybe you’re a little new to it, but you’ve at least seen some of your friends posts- and are envious of their skills! The new add-on allows you to do a lot more customization with your images – including drawing on photos and changing the filter […]

Best Social Media Advertising Site for You: Quiz

Are you looking for the best social media advertising site for you or your business?  There are now so many social media sites providing advertising platforms that it can be very confusing when deciding which is best for you, your product or your business. Even if you already have a social media platform in mind, […]

What Season Am I: Quiz

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Have you ever thought to yourself “what season am I”? Some people enjoy every season as much as the next…but generally speaking most people have a favorite season, just like they have a favorite color. There’s a multitude of factors that can attribute to this decision, and these variables can reveal a lot about someone’s […]

Snapchat Marketing Statistics [Infographic]

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Snapchat marketing is now a reality, much to the surprise of industry professionals. When the app first arrived on the social media scene in 2013, it was pegged for fad-failure. Less than four years later, Snapchat has gone from a single-use image sharing service to a multi-faceted messenger and news delivery platform. This breeds room for […]