Instagram algorithm- Doomsday Has Come

Instagram has been known for the great platform for sharing inspiration with a touch of creativity from multiple users, small business and community pages. However, doomsday has come with Instagram algorithm.   Instead of sorting posts in a familiar linear order, non-chronological newsfeed order has been adapted into Instagram. It is very similar to Facebook, […]

Instagram Famous Teens: Do It For the ‘Gram

instagram famous teens

Being famous is so overrated and unrealistic, or so … we thought. In the social media centered world that we live and breathe in, dreams that once seemed unreachable, maybe aren’t so far off after all, at least not if you can be instafamous. After years of sneak peaks into Hollywood and horror stories of […]

Social Media Brand Fail: Shell Instagram

Everyone may be on social media, but that doesn’t mean every brand should. Royal Dutch Shell, commonly referred to as Shell, shares Instagram photos that align with the companies mission of “manufacturing and supplying oil products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.” And somehow the brand thought it was a good idea to create […]

Rap Lyrics on Old Paintings Make Hilarious Instagrams

Becoming “instafamous” takes invention and dedication. Generally, comedy and parody accounts have the most success as it’s naturally engaging and shareable. However, these fan-favorite accounts are becoming more predictable with recycled jokes and memes. Just look at the Fat Jewish account, which mostly posts regrams now. People looking for humor on Instagram should be excited about original, creative […]

The Best Free the Nipple Instagram Photos

Hell hath no fury like a woman in 2015 facing Shakespearean double standards. Both Facebook and Instagram have been challenged by activists for their strict no-female nipple policies. Ands so, the Free the Nipple campaign has picked up considerable speed and coverage thanks to social media. While photos of female nipples in the context of […]

Bye Felipe Instagram Revenges Men

Bye Felipe Instagram

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you’re going on the Bye Felipe Instagram. The Bye Felipe Instagram account acts as a hub to embarrass rude guys on the Internet. The account, created just over 10 months ago, makes a space for woman to share their harassment experiences and laugh at them as a community. And […]

Brand Fails: McDonald’s Instagram

Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users engaging with 70 million photos per day. The platform’s popularity attracts brands from local “mom and pop” shops to the top of the Forbes 500 list. However, it’s misleading to measure social media success by the number of followers and number of likes. At first glance, McDonald’s account […]

Best Posts from the Beige Cardigan Instagram

The beige cardigan Instagram account, operated by Jessica Anteby, has more than 1.2 million followers. The self-proclaimed “MemeGod,” who also shares many text-based posts, averages about 50K likes. Although the page looks random, Anteby knows her audience. Judging by the content, the key demographic seems to range from college students to young adults. Most pictures poke fun […]

Social Media & Politics: Hillary Clinton on Instagram

The 2016 presidential campaign just got really real: Hillary Clinton(‘s social media team) is now on Instagram because that is where the Youths like to hang out. Her inaugural post is not a selfie or a highly filtered picture of her lunch, but a picture of a clothing rack with red, white and blue options […]

Finstagram: Parents, You’ve Been Warned

Every family has a different set of rules for their child’s social media habits, and there’s a new trend that could change the way parents set through rules: “Finstagram”. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google+ all set the age limit at 13, parents will expand upon formal regulations. For example, setting boundaries on […]

Emoji Hashtags: Instagram update!

And yet again, Instagram adds some new things to the popular mobile platform. 3 filters were being added today. That’s 3 more possibilities to make another great shot and share it with the world. Hooray! The filters are called Juno, Lark and Reyes.       Another and more important update on Instagram is the possibility […]

Instagram is a Pet Owner’s Best friend

The number of pet accounts has increased tremendously on Instagram! Have you ever thought the extent to which your pet can influence what you do on social media? You know that your pet is your best friend if you can’t go a day without sharing a couple of those adorable photos on Instagram and other […]

Which Instagram filters get more “Likes”?

Even though #nofilter might be a hashtag of choice on Instagram, more people than ever are adding effects to the photos they post on social media. And now there’s a scientifically proven reason why. A collaborative study from Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech found that adding a filter makes more people engage with your photo, […]

Feminism and Social Media: Helping or Hurting the Movement?

In the 1960’s, American feminists began their movement for equality. Unfortunately, the progress of women’s rights is not as fast as the growth of social media. Issues like wage gap, reproductive rights and domestic violence still exist, along with countless others. However, as a communications tool, social media has helped disseminate feminist beliefs for the […]

The Funniest and Weirdest Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Looking for funny or weird Instagram accounts to follow? While hilarious friends, celebrities and comedians have a lot to offer, so do these targeted accounts. We hope this list makes you laugh or at least makes you wonder what kind of person thought to make these accounts in the first place. Beige Cardigan Posting the […]