Taco Bell removes all social media to promote new app

Taco Bell has blacked out its online presence in order to promote their new mobile app. They have changed their Twitter handle to  @totallynothere and made it appear that there is zero content there. The content on Taco Bell’s Facebook has also been deleted apart from a series of black and white images directing users to […]

Goodbye Ello: Why the Anti-Facebook will Fail

When Ello launched as an anti-Facebook, people responded with enthusiasm and the media buzzed with anticipation. But just a few months later, Ello remains in beta with interest lagging behind. With an ad-free experience as Ello’s distinguishing touch will it really be able to break into the social media world? The seven creators promise that […]

Social media genius uses eerily targeted ads to play a prank!

Have you ever gone onto Facebook and found the ads on your news feed to be a little bizarre? Asked yourself where on earth Facebook is obtaining this information? Why are they showing you that ad specifically? Just imagine Facebook ads knowing things about you that you’ve only shared with a small group of people. […]

Facebook Targets Mobile Ads based on Cell Signal Strength

Auto-play video ads can be annoying, but what is more maddening is when the ad doesn’t even load properly. On mobile devices, weak cellular connection is the main cause of such problem. Facebook is solving this problem by allowing advertisers to target mobile ads based on users’ cell signal strength. According to Advertising Age, Facebook […]

Robin William’s Daughter Zelda Quits Social Media In Wake of Her Father’s Death

Within minutes of the news of Robin William’s death on Monday, the social media world has been filled with mourning and tears. News feeds on social media sites were transformed into highlight reels from his outstanding accomplishments. Celebrities mourned on social media sites and shared memories of their stories with Robin. However, there are also […]

Virtual Combat: The Impact of Social Media On Modern Warfare

One of the activities I perform when first waking up for the day is to take a look at the progress of the many conflicts currently running around the world. From Syria to Iraq to the Ukraine and now Israel, these conflicts have far-ranging consequences for just about everyone, including those involved with the global […]

Know Your Memes: A Look At the Lighter Side of Facebook

When I personally first discovered Facebook in 2012, admittedly later than most, I figured I would use it similarly to my old MySpace account: a tool for communicating with old friends and making new ones. Such is the nature of social media, with primary focus being networking with others you know, as well as those […]

Facebook’s New Save Feature

Facebook released a long awaited feature that allows users to save posts from their news feeds to review later. The feature was added to the existing drop down arrow, which already allowed people to remove content, unfollow accounts and adjust notifications. Saved content is organized into links, places, music, TV, books or movies. Or, users can […]

Twitter and Facebook Brag about World Cup Interactions

The calm after the World Cup storm: Americans return to their preferred sports, Google’s homepage transitions back to its traditional look, and #WorldCup has finally fallen off the trending radar. Now, social media networks and analysts reflect on the record-breaking event with charts, articles and videos. Twitter scored 672 million tweets during the tournament. Twitter […]

A Summary on Google’s Social Networking Attempts

The most famous social networking website and platform owned by Google Inc. would be Google+. As the second-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook, Google+ helps Google share a big piece of cake in the social networking market. Besides Google+, Google has several other social networking platforms that you may not be familiar […]

Status Update: Facebook is Kind of Sorry

In 2012, Adam Kramer and other Facebook data scientists conducted a study on almost 700,000 unknowing Facebook users. For one week, more than half of one million Facebook users were either exposed to positive or negative posts, using emotional words as triggers in algorithms. Some subjects’ news feeds were dominated by positive posts and some […]

Top Social Media Sources for World Cup 2014! (infographic)

World Cup fever is at an all time high. You would have to be living under a rock to not know that the biggest event in world football is taking place right now, in its own backyard – Brazil! All around the world, social media is blowing up with people choosing their sides, trash-talking their […]

Don’t read the news. Skimm it.

Your commute just became more insightful. Monday through Friday, theSkimm delivers concise news stories hailing to the company’s motto “We read. You Skimm.” The e-newsletter covers headlines ranging from that day’s political news to World Cup updates. Sent at 6 a.m. ET, theSkimm is ready with the news when readers are. theSkimm gives a brief, conversational-tone […]

Paper: Stories from Facebook

Facebook Paper App

Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday on 4th February this year, and all those “Facebook is dying slowly” gossips got re-invented a couple of days earlier. Facebook has launched its most recent Smartphone app like many not-so-great previously launched apps. Can this app be different? It is simply called Paper. The mobile version of Facebook’s News […]