You can now edit Instagram photo captions!

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Instagram will now let you change your photo captions once you have already posted them. The new update also has added new recommendations to the explore menu.

In the past the app would not allow users to tweak the captions after having posted the photo or video. In the past you would have needed to post the corrections in the comment section or delete and re-write the caption altogether. Gone are those days!

In order to edit a caption, tap the menu button underneath a post and select edit. The edited captions will notify that the post has been edited when a user views a comment.

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image: Instagram

The changes doesn’t end there, navigating Instagram for other like minded individuals is now much easier. You’re able to see what your friends have been liking and what’s popular within your own interests.

The Explore menu now displays two separate tabs: Photos and People.

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image: Instagram

The new Instagram update is great, especially for those autocorrect errors that you accidentally post. Or even those looking for cool new things to follow. If you haven’t already updated your instagram, you can do it now.

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