Brands say: “Goodbye Facebook, Hello Instagram!”

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Instagram versus Facebook! L2 and Olapic, the social marketing technology firm, performed a survey to see just how well brands are performing on social media – specifically Instagram and Facebook. The survey focused on 250 of the world’s top brands, and Facebook tops more than 2 million advertisers. One finding is that Instagram is becoming the new favorite platforms for brands!

According to AdWeek,

Another reason Instagram is a marketing darling at the moment is it’s attracting younger users than Facebook, according to L2. While an estimated 3 million U.S. teens abandoned Facebook between 2011 and 2014, the same demographic now cites Instagram as “the most important” social network, the report says.

From the L2 report, as well as an amazing report from Simply Measured, we decided to put together an infographic noting some great stats on the social media platforms. Check it out!




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