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Vine is Coming to Android

In fact, after its launch, Vine’s users grew by 50% in a month and by the end of February, Vine was being used by 2.66% of all iOS devices in the United States.

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The Periodic Table of Google Analytics

The following is a guest post from Jeff Sauer, Vice President at Three Deep Marketing, a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Jeff writes often about Digital Marketing at his Jeffalytics Blog and he writes about Travel on his Free World Traveler blog.

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Hollywood Integrates Social Media: Bladimiar Norman’s #BullyMovie Campaign

Initially released for a limited audience on March 30, 2012 the documentary, Bully, was slapped with an R-rating for strong language by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). According to a Mashable article, the appeal was denied, effectively blocking the film’s opportunity to reach its true audience of middle and high schoolers. Filmmaker Lee Hirsch says he was devastated at the possibility that his film couldn’t have the impact he hoped it would. Hirsh felt it was a lost cause. It was, at least, until a massive multi-platform campaign to bring awareness to the movie was launched by myriad sources, with Twitter entering as a main theater of activity.

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LinkMe: Check your wrist for social updates!

Move over, Apple and Samsung. While two of tech’s biggest companies are reportedly developing smart watches, startup LinkMe has already gotten a head start.

LinkMe is a Bluetooth-enabled device that lets users view incoming text messages or social-media alerts on their wrist. They send a message with their smartphone via an app, which in turn, will be displayed on LinkMe.

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Only 30% of Top Brands Have Customer Service Twitter Handles

Research from social media analytics firm Simply Measured shows that “30% of the of the companies in the Interbrand 100 — which ranks businesses based on financial status, how the brand influences purchasing decisions and how strong the brand is — now have dedicated customer service handles on Twitter as a way to divert negative attention and activity away from their primary brand account.”

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