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Hiring Social Media Talent: Beneficial Tips!

Are you hiring some proficient hands in social media? What are the basic factors you are looking at? Indisputably social media has set high expectations and the candidates hired should comply with the changing norms of digital world to successfully make you a brand. If you are hiring social media experts for your organization, this article is a must read to avoid err.

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Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

On August 6 Facebook announced their latest update to the News Feed ranking algorithm. The goal of News Feed is to deliver the content users want to see, when they want to see it, ideally in the order they’d like.

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Voting via Vine: MTV VMAs

This year, fans can vote using Vine videos and hashtags for the first time ever in an MTV Video Music Awards’ category. Will you be voting??

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Instagram Ups the Video Ante

Instagram have up’d the ante of their video offering with Instagram 4.1. New changes and updates are always exciting! Usually it is bug fixes but this time there is a nifty tool that straightens your photos!

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Top 10 Instagram Statistics 2013

Instagram’s popularity has seen exponential growth since Facebook acquired the company, reaching 100 million active users just 5 months ago. As the growth continues, we thought we’d share with you our top 10 Instagram Statistics.

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Weekly Hashtag Trends!

Trends, deeply pushed and rooted from Hashtags, change every minute of every day. But there are common, weekly trends too. Here they are!

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The Hottest Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

With the seemingly endless range of devices and platforms, it can be hard to keep up with where consumers are going for their information. As more and more people are using multiple devices to view channels simultaneously, marketers need to keep track of them, wherever they are.

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