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Social Media Customer Service!

With social media adoption growing daily, so are the numbers of consumers using social media to reach out to brands when they have a problem. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, a complex problem, or one that can be solved in 2 minutes it’s important to be prepared.

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Social Media’s Favorite Memes

In a world where there’s always a new fad such as “Keep Calm” it can be hard to keep up with what exactly each meme means. So here at Growing Social Media we’ve decided to give you the low-down on the REAL meaning of your favorite social media memes.

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LinkedIn Statistics in 2013 [infographic]

This year, LinkedIn has over a billion users. It’s a huge piece of the social media pie! It is a hub for employers, the employed, and well.. everyone who wants to be employed! LinkedIn has been around since 2003, but it’s really picking up speed this year by integrating new features. Not just for people, brands and companies are setting up pages and reaching out.

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Influential Emotions on Social Media

Social Media is everywhere, at any time, used by a majority of the population. Thoughts and pictures and videos are shared every second. They make us laugh and smile. But, unfortunately, behind the guise of social media profiles, acts of cruelty and bullying happen. Arguments are easily incited and held on forums and posts, tweets and videos.

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How Users Interact with Google+ [Infographic] by Wishpond

A really great infographic, created by Wishpond, that discusses User interaction on Google+. Google+ is now the world’s second most popular social media platform, which is surprising because only 8% of Americans have a G+ profile. But G+ is here to stay and it is still growing. Brands are setting up pages and interacting too!

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Social Media Management: Buffer App

How do you keep up with the posting, the followers, the conversations, the retweets, the shares, etceteras? Social Media Management Tools! Last week, we put HootSuite and SproutSocial in the ring – head to head – to see what was the best tool. But they aren’t the only tools out there!

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Facebook takes on LinkedIn!

Facebook have added a fully discoverable “skills” option to user profiles, as discovered by blog and is a blatant copy from the popular Professional Social Networking site LinkedIn. While more and more employers are turning to Facebook for recruiting, it’s usually more to find out who the prospective employee really is, not how they want to appear.

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Social Media Apps: Happier!

Social Media is THE place to share. And the best things to share are the moments and things that make you smile and feel good. That is where Happier comes along! Happier is a new social media platform and App where – you guessed it – you share the things that make you happy!

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Facebook: “Like” Women, “Share” Men

We all know that the interactions with men and women on social media can greatly vary. For example, Pinterest is mostly regarded as a social platform that women use. But what about the most popular social media platform, Facebook?

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