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Instagram Direct

Instagram lovers have certainly noticed a big update: Instagram Direct. This new feature allows you to send photos and videos to selected people. Curious how it works? Then keep on reading!

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What to Look for On Social Media This Holiday Season

Ah, the winter holidays! There are certain things you should do, certain things you shouldn’t do and figuring out what those things are can be a difficult task. We’re going to take a look at the some of the big things to avoid and some to embrace this holiday season when online.

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Vine Video of the Week: December 12th!

Will your six second video make it to our Vine video of the week posts? Share your videos with us at Growing Social Media! We love to feature everyone and anyone, not just brands! We have featured Lil Bub, animation and illustration artists, comedians, and more. Share your video and get featured!

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LinkedIn profile must-haves

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. You create your profile with your personal information, your education, your experience etc. On

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Ribbon App: Make plans with friends!

Ever realize you were in the same city, concert, festival, sports game, or business conference as a friend and missed the chance to connect? Ribbon is the new and exciting way to see where your friends plan to be in the future.

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Google yourself

Do you Google yourself?

The internet is boundless because it opens up new vistas, letting you learn all sorts of substances about people and things in any and all

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The Future of Social Media

Will Social Media stay an increasing trend? But what about within 5 years? Here is an overview with some stats about the usage of Social Media. What do you think will be the future of Social Networks?

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Top 5 careers in Social Media

Social media is a happening place to be right now. It is still an emerging space rife with a number of opportunities. There are a number of areas within the social media upon which an entire career can be built. If you are 20-something, ready to make some unconventional career choices, here are the top five options to choose from.

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Social Media Startups

Social media is becoming the rage. You must have noticed that, in the recent years, a growing group of social and mobile web services are

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New Twitter Design

Last week there was some news about Twitter in the Social Network World. Twitter will get a new design if everything goes well. The changes

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Facebook Hashtags

The world’s largest and most known social network announced the incorporation of hashtags. This new hashtag feature can improve a lot of things and reach

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Selfie Marshmallows

Mint Digital a London and New York based product development studio, has released it’s latest offering – your Instagram pictures as vanilla marshmallows aka boomf. That’s

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