Celebs on Social: #WhatJayZSaidToSolange

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#WhatJayZSaidToSolange is Trending On Twitter! Nothing is ever what it seems – not even in this picture:



What looks like a happy Beyonce, along with her sister Solange and husband Jay-Z, is actually a very frustrated Beyonce. This photo was taken when the trio left the elevator of The Standard’s Hotel Boom Boom Room after attending the Met Gala after party. What the reason of the fight was , is still not clear but it must have been something serious!

With social networks and access to pretty much ANYTHING on the internet, it’s no wonder how crazy videos go viral.

Solange definitely doesn’t hold back for no one, not even Jay-Z. In the video we see her screaming and kicking him while the bodyguard tries to keep her from completely beating up Jay.

What could have been the reason? We are curious!

Why do videos go viral?

Olive Media gives some great insights with three underlying reasons WHY videos go viral. These are:

1) Tastemakers – An individual of influence taking a point of view and sharing it with a large audience e.g. a celebrity or a talk show host like Jimmy Kimmel tweeting a video.

2) Unexpectedness – Well this speaks for itself, if the video is unexpectedly funny or surprising people will be more likely to share it. People share things when they feel emotion. What emotion do you want your viewers to feel? Emotions that spread quickly are generally amusement, awe, excitement and anxiety. People won’t share a video if all they feel is contentment. It must be stronger than this.

3) Community Participation – Forums of people start to talk about it and then become part of the phenomenon by making their own versions inspiring creativity.

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