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Buy Instagram followers UK

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Do you want to find the best sites to buy Instagram followers from the UK?

You’ve come to the right place.

I tested over 20 websites that sell followers in the UK and listed the 4 best ones in this review.

Let’s get started!

Get real followers from the UK with The Social Savior.

This is the best site to buy Instagram followers in the UK. You will get:

  • Real followers from the UK
  • Active followers
  • Refill warranty


For more information, check out The Social Savior.

Get UK-based followers with Buy More Fans.

These guys are one of the best company selling followers in the UK since 2010. This is what they offer:

  • UK-based followers
  • Real people that are active on Instagram
  • Refill warranty


For more information, check out Buy More Fans.

Buy followers from the UK with Instaboost.

This company delivers real followers that are real people living in the UK. These people can like your posts and share them too. Instaboost has been featured on Forbes as one of the top places to buy followers from. They offer:

  • Genuine followers from the UK
  • Real people that are active on Instagram
  • Refill warranty


For more information, check out Instaboost.

Get UK followers with Growing Social Media.

(This is the company who let me publish my review on this blog)

If you want to get genuine followers from the UK, they can help you with that. Here’s what you’ll get if you buy from them:

  • Real followers from the UK
  • Genuine followers that are active on Instagram
  • Refill warranty


For more information, check out Growing Social Media.

How did I review the best sites to buy Instagram followers UK?

You might be wondering how did I come up with this list of the top websites that sell services boost your Instagram account and grow your follower count on your Instagram page.

I will share with you all the things that I compared from all the best places that sell Instagram followers while I wrote this review.

I broke down my comparison into multiple categories which I considered important.

Do they deliver high-quality followers?

Yes. All the sites listed on this page sell active Instagram followers that are real people. They are legit, genuine, and active on IG.

Are the followers from the UK?

Yes. The merchants listed on this page sell genuine IG followers from the UK.

If you want to grow your business in the United Kingdom and buy followers, then it’s better for you if you get genuine UK Instagram followers on your Instagram profile because active followers can actually buy your product and services and make you money.

Are they real people?

Yes, they are real.

I’m sure we can all agree that we all want to buy real Instagram followers, because fake followers on Instagram are pretty much pointless, except that they increase your number of followers and boost your social proof on Instagram UK, which can help your Instagram business to grow its online presence and have a better brand image.

That being said, if you are serious about getting more social media followers and attracting Instagram users to your Instagram account, there are definitely more benefits for you if your purchased followers are targeted followers with real Instagram profiles that can actually become your customers.

Are they active followers?

Yes, they are active on Instagram and they will like your posts and share your content.

The number of followers on your account is important, but getting active followers is even more important.

Rest assured that all the websites listed in my review real UK followers that are active on Instagram, and they will interact with you, like your photos, share your posts, and watch your Instagram videos and stories.

What is the speed of delivery?

It might be tempting to get instant delivery, but attracting quality people to follow you so you can increase your number of IG followers in the UK is way more important than just getting them fast.

The Instagram algorithm understands that many people want to increase their number of followers, but it also understands that when people engage with your content more often, this means that your account is of higher quality.

So getting real UK-based followers than engage with your content is more beneficial for your long-term success.

Do they offer instant delivery?

I bought Instagram followers from many websites as a test, and all the websites that offer instant delivery did not deliver on time anyway, and they did not deliver high-quality followers.

If you want to buy real Instagram followers and get active followers, you should get them from sites that process your order within a few days, and your patience will be rewarded as you will receive real Instagram followers.

Do they offer a good price?

I would recommend avoiding the websites that sell cheap Instagram followers for $5 or less, as these use fake accounts and fake followers that will not help you make more money on your page.

If you want to get real followers, you should purchase Instagram followers from the more legit sites with a better design, and a slightly higher price.

What you pay is what you get, so if you buy expensive marketing services, you will get high-quality followers on your Instagram profile from real Instagram users.

Do they have good customer support?

If you want to get UK-based followers, it’s important that the company you purchase them from have a good 24/7 customer support team and outstanding customer service. Usually, the companies with the best services also provide quality Instagram followers.

Do they offer a refill guarantee or retention warranty?

It’s easy to purchase followers in just a few clicks, but you have to make sure that these Instagram users with Instagram accounts keep on following your page after you get these Instagram services from the best places that sell followers on Instagram to grow your follower count and improve your social proof.

Do they offer other services, such as Instagram likes?

Purchasing Instagram followers in the UK is a great way to get organic followers, but you should also take advantage of other social media platforms if you want to improve your brand image and make more money.

So after you buy IG followers, you should also get similar services for your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. I also suggest that you buy Instagram likes, comments, and video views.

What is their privacy policy?

All the places that I reviewed in this article keep your information private, they won’t tell anyone that you bought their social media marketing services.

How do they handle your personal information and personal data?

Before you get more followers, feel free to ask their customer support service about this subject. Most people are more concerned about getting more IG followers than the legal side of things, but if it’s important for you, you should get the proper information before you make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying Instagram followers in the UK

Here are the answers to the most common questions about buying Instagram followers in the UK. Make sure that you read them before you buy IG followers for your Instagram profile.

Is it safe for my Instagram account?

Yes, buying real Instagram followers is 100% safe. You will never get in trouble for buying followers.

Can I get my account banned if I buy followers?

No, you will NOT get your account banned.

Everyone is buying followers.

Is it legal?

Yes. Buying Instagram followers in the UK is 100% legal. These are real people that decide to follow your account.

What are the benefits of buying followers?

Whether you buy Instagram followers Australia or whether you purchase them from the UK, there are many benefits of using this popular marketing trick on your account. Let’s look at the main ones below:

It makes your business look more established and popular

In this huge competitive world, attracting potential customers can be difficult as they have a lot of choices while shopping.

People are constantly being bombarded with advertising both offline and online, and especially on online platforms, now that most networks are being more aggressive to monetize their business by showing more ads to their users.

Nobody wants to buy from a new business without a good reputation because they don’t want to risk their money. Purchasing followers on Instagram instantly solves this problem by making you look more established instantly.

It makes your account look more credible and professional

After you purchase Instagram followers in the United Kingdom, you will look more established, more credible and more professional, as people will think that you have been doing business for many years, even if you are a brand new company. This will help you close more sales and make more profits and revenues from customers in the UK.

It increases your social proof and boosts your brand image

Social proof is one of the oldest and most important concepts when we talk about marketing and sales techniques. Ask yourself: Would you prefer to try a new restaurant that is full of people and has a lineup outside? Or would you feel more comfortable trying a new restaurant that is completely empty inside with no customers at all?

When you buy Instagram followers in the UK, it’s like filling your restaurant, or business, with customers, and this will attract more people to follow you and try your product and services.

Which site is the best to buy Instagram Followers UK?

After testing over 20 websites, I found that the best site to buy Instagram followers in the UK is thesocialsavior.com.

And the winner is... 🎉