Best Posts from the Beige Cardigan Instagram

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The beige cardigan Instagram account, operated by Jessica Anteby, has more than 1.2 million followers. The self-proclaimed “MemeGod,” who also shares many text-based posts, averages about 50K likes. Although the page looks random, Anteby knows her audience. Judging by the content, the key demographic seems to range from college students to young adults. Most pictures poke fun at this awkward growing stage. And the occasional childhood themed posts, with 90’s kids references, also resonates with this young crowd.

Another way the beige cardigan account relates to young adults is commentary on life in general. Posts reflect everything from family matters, silly “shower thoughts,” and annoying social media users. Company-based content, except for the occasional sponsored post, also succeeds whether dissing McDonald’s or joking with Uber.

The account is clearly growing in both followers and engagement. Posts from earlier this year earned around 20K likes, but the account is now considered “Internet famous.” The beige cardigan Instagram account is often compared to @thefatjewish, who just released that he makes $6,000 per sponsored post.

Below are a few of the best posts from the beige cardigan Instagram. To discover more funny people, check out our article about the funniest Instagram accounts and the weirdest Instagram posts. To enlarge the below pictures, simply click on a photo to open the gallery.



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