Best Brand Social Media Moments in 2016

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Social media marketing has proved itself in 2016 as the most influential medium to grow brand awareness and an authentic relationship with customers.

There are a few companies in particular that have dominated this scene. Here we have highlighted them in a bid to provide some social media inspiration.


The film’s marketing team released a string of social media campaign videos that had Ryan Reynolds’, now famous, character talking directly to the audience.

This included an April Fool’s Day interview on “Extra,” where Deadpool confirmed the movie would be rated R.

That video has since received over 8 million views. Deadpool was everywhere, but in a very good way.

“This reaffirmed my faith in social media,” said Marc Weinstock, president-domestic marketing, 20th Century Fox.

“There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not social media can really open a movie…and this proves it can.”

March Madness – Reese’s

Reese’s partnered with the NCAA again this year to become the official sponsor of #MarchMadness.

The confectionery company curated social media posts with beautiful visuals that celebrated both #MarchMadness and the Reese’s brand.

Check out a Facebook video from their campaign:

April Fools – WestJet

Another April Fools gag caught the attention of over 1.3 million people this year when WestJet announced this hilarious new innovation on YouTube.

The video’s caption reads:

“WestJet’s Research and Development team is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our industry-leading inflight service. His name is R.A.L.F.H and he is sure to change your inflight experience forever.”

The Ballot Briefcase – PwC

At last year’s Academy Awards, Neil Patrick Harris used the Ballot Briefcase as a prop for a magic trick.

It generated some organic buzz on social media so PwC decided to tap into that and utilize the Briefcase as the centerpiece of their campaign.

The company traveled with the briefcase across the country to the Oscars®.

On-lookers could follow this journey on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram using #BallotBriefcase.

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