Audible: How the audiobook service significantly annoyed me tonight

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I thought Audible were better than this kind of rubbishy user experience trash. Apparently I’ve activated the service too many times on my phones. And that’s it. Game over. Goodbye.

Buzz off and write us an email is their suggestion.

Utterly ridiculous.

If you’ve got a licensing issue, innovate. Think outside the flipping box and don’t make your problems my problems.

The simplest solution Offer to reset my account and let me activate on the current device. Yeah But make it a button I click to proceed.

Seriously flipping annoying. If I want to use the service I have to now actually THINK. And when I need to think, that’s a huge friction problem.

I can’t quite believe an Amazon-owned service would simply throw its toys out of the basket, shrug its shoulders and offer some vague “contact us” as the only resolution.

I forgot to deactivate audible on the phone that I lost this week. My mistake. Thanks for the HUGE inconvenience Audible.

I now have to dick about trying to figure out who to contact to get this fixed.

You’re lucky it’s me. You’re lucky, Audible, because I’m old. I’m plus thirty. I’m accustomed to this sort of shoddy rubbish thinking. I can’t stand it but I accept that this is what happens when the user experience folk go home at 430pm.

The younger generation You get one chance. Self service or no service. If they need to step outside of their hyper connected trance, you fail. They are service tolerant. They don’t tolerate exceptions at all.

Thus begins a period of pain and annoyance for me.

When I email support — as I’m sure that will be the primary mechanism suggested on the audible website — will I get a resolution in 3 minutes 3 hours Or 3 days

Whatever the answer its not good enough to allow me to start listing to the rather expensive Terry Pratchett audiobook I bought from the service recently.

Expectations missed.

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