What is the future of social communication?

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AIM/Chat = past.  Texts and Social Media comments = present. 

It is amazing how technology has evolved and improved over the years, but the curious amazement of it all is the speed with which our mode of communication has changed. Honestly speaking, not even the so-called “experts” can accurately map the future of communication, if the past and current rates of technological evolutions are anything to go by. At best, they can guess and speculate.

What is the future?

One cannot help to imagine how much improved communication & technology has changed our lives and transformed communities and businesses within a very short span. However, this doesn’t mean that the present form of communication, i.e., text and social media comments are the best. Sometimes we still struggle to understand what one is saying – it’s hard to pick up on tone and meaning in comments/text still. One of the questions you might ask yourself is: what is the motive of this text/comment?

Without going into many details, the future of communications will most likely involve deeper levels of interactions to take care of intrinsic meanings. How this will be done is not yet very clear, but there are clues. Already, there are prototypes that are designed to help us express ourselves more remotely.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel…

A good example of the next era of communication is Apple’s Smart Watch, which will allow users to do things like feeling another person touch the screen as well as feel the heartbeat of another person while communication. Another example is being poked on Facebook.


If you currently think that being poked on the social media is annoying, a time will most likely arrive when you will actually feel someone poking you to sit up straight. In other words, the future of communication will try to make as much use of telepresence as possible.

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