7 Social Media Tools Recommended by the pros

The best Social Media Tools

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Social media is a goldmine for marketers and every effort should be expended to ensure that its potential is being realized. In order to achieve that, there are several social media tools recommended by experts to enhance your social media marketing.

Here are 7 best tools to use:

1. SocialBakers


Socialbakers helps you get useful stats from your Facebook marketing activities. It also provides useful stats for LinkedIn

2. Argylesocial


Argylesocial helps marketers to generate more prospects, create greater engagement and qualify more leads by uniting all your social media action to the marketing platforms you are currently using. In other words, you can monitor your entire social media presence from one spot and use social tagging to make sure you deliver the right message to the right people.

3. Pocket


Pocket is designed to help you overcome the challenges of consistently and accurately creating exceptional content. The tool allows you to collect and save a wide variety of great content and later publish them on your Facebook or twitter accounts.

4. Share Root

Share Root

If you are exclusively using Pinterest, Shareroot is one tool you shouldn’t miss. It is an all-in-one solution that lets you manage content, drive engagement and increase sales on Pinterest. The tool will also save you time because it lets you schedule pins and convert your Facebook fans to Pinterest followers.

5. EveryoneSocial


EveryoneSocial is one tool that encourages businesses to engage employees as ambassadors to the business in the social media. Thus, the company is able to maximize its human resource its social media marketing strategy.

6. vCita


vCita is a plug-in loved by many social media marketers because of its ability to manage purchasing and booking processes—it is an all-in-one client management platform for small businesses.

7. OptinMonstor


OptinMonstor is actually a WordPress plug-in that can be used in the social media to convert visitors to subscribers.

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