5th Global Reddit Meetup Day – June 14th

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Next month, on June 14th, the fifth annual Global Reddit Meetup Day will take place again in different cities around the world.


If you’re a true Reddit-er, love picnics and want to meet new people, than you can’t miss this year’s GrMD! Meetups will take place in major cities like Paris, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, New York City and Minot (North Dakota). Check out the meetup page for Washington DC!

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To make it even more fun, here’s a checklist from Reddit itself to get ready for the big day!

Here’s a handy checklist to get ready for GrMD V
  1. find a meetup by searching a local subreddit near you on the map below!
    • you can also search them on reddit’s meetup.com page or your favorite meetup site
  2. are you a photographer? remember to take photos and upload them to the reddit imgur album
    • you can either email your photos to redditmeetup@imgur.com
    • or upload them to imgur.com/t/redditmeetup
    • you can start uploading them on June 14th, 2014
  3. Send pinwale anywhere in the world by nominating a meetup!Have fun and remember to thank your local meetup organizers!
  4. Have fun and remember to thank your local meetup organizers!

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