5 Proven Ways to increase fan page engagement with Facebook games

Ways to increase fan page engagement

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Have you ever thought of increasing your fan page participation and wondered how to do it? Social Media Examiner suggests that engaging your customers with interactive content is one of the best methods of increasing your social media Return on Investment (ROI).

You’ve got to find out ways of providing your customers with shareable content that is not only fun, but also captivating, entertaining and challenging. One way is to engage your fans with Facebook games. Games engage people’s interests and competitive nature and can play a critical role in engaging your customers. Here are 5 proven ways to increase fan page engagement with Facebook games.

  • Provide fans Photo Of The Week contents

Fans Photo Of The Week

If you want to provide your audience with something to think about throughout the week, give them the chance to produce photo of the week. People are competitive in nature and like to see their names in the light. So give them the chance to show the rest what they’ve got.

  • Photo Showdown

Photo Showdown

This is similar to the Fans photo of the week, but the only difference is that you are allowed to upload a photo that will be voted by other fans, friends and family and winners are entered into the next round until the final.

  • Leaderboard competition

Leaderboard competition

This is a platform that shows where each person or team is publicly shown their position in the Leaderboard. This is socially motivating and encourages participants to develop their activities, such as playing more games, more likes, uploading more images and so on.

  • Adding addictive games

Addictive games

By adding games, your fan page can increase engagement in your Facebook page because fans will keep coming back for more. A good game should be simple but challenging enough to become addicted.

  • Socially Shared Games

Socially Shared Games

You can provide them with links to other socially shared games. So it is likely your fans will keep checking back for more games.

Don’t just stop with these ideas. You need to combine them with other ideas so that you can maximize the potential of your social media marketing strategy.

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