5 Common Mistakes We’ve All Made on Social Media (And How to Fix them)

Common social media mistakes

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We all make mistakes, and when it comes to social media, it is not just about grammatical errors. That’s just human nature. However, we need to ensure that we don’t make the same mistakes others are making and ensure that our social media efforts are as flawless as possible. Here are the 5 most common mistakes to keep off:

1. Treating all social media networks as the same

We all know that the different types of social networks we have are not the same, but we keep committing the mistake of treating them the same. Clearly, the kind of content you can post in LinkedIn may not be the same as the one you post on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. They are not even distant cousins. Let’s go back to the basics and understand what each social media network is meant to do and stick to the script.

2. Posting without a strategy or plan and without proofreading

Tossing your content at a wall and hoping everything will be okay might turn out to be a complete waste of your time, but remember this is not without a cost. You must spend some time and clearly define your goals. And please, post something that can pass the basic grammar test.

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3. Posting at inappropriate times

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those moments when we posted something when we are emotional, too tired or when we are intoxicated. The problem is that you may not just post at inappropriate times, but you may also post an inappropriate message. All we can say is: don’t send a message that you will regret later!

4. Placing quantity over quality

The adage: less is more is still applicable here. However, if you can afford it, try to maintain high levels of quality no matter how many posts you place in a day. Otherwise, it is better to place one quality post a day than place 5 bogus ones each day.

5. Saying too much

According to Search Engine Journal, your Wall is not a newspaper column. Don’t say too much. Your fans don’t have a whole day to spend on your wall. Create clear, succinct messages.

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