4 Improvements To Google Analytics Real-Time Reports

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Real-time reports provide useful insights for businesses that help them understand how their systems are reacting, instantly, such as when you send out an email campaign or engage in marketing that has a temporal nature. It provides alerting / intelligence, giving insight into things that are new or different such as a sudden increase in site traffic. Real-time also lets you win social by capitalizing on trending topics. For example, if you noticed a blog post you published previously is suddenly gaining attention due to something happening in the news, you could highlight it on the front page of your site to draw additional attention and ‘pour fuel’ on the social fire. 

Today, we’re announcing 4 improvements to real-time reports. You can now:
  1. Analyze Events in real-time
  2. Breakdown real-time by Desktop/Tablet/Mobile traffic
  3. Create shortcuts to your favorite real-time segments
  4. Compare real-time filtered data against overall real-time data
Let’s go through the changes in more detail:
1. Realtime Events Report
With the real-time events report, you can now not only see the top events as they occur but also filter on particular event categories (and actions). Additionally, you can see whether particular segments of visitors trigger different events and debug your events deployment in real time.
To access this report, navigate to the real-time section of Google Analytics and click on the Events section. You should see a report similar to this:

improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 1

Clicking on any of the Event Category will drill down and show all the Event Actions and Event Labels for that particular category.
If you are trying to see what events a particular segment of visitors generate, that is easy as well. Any filters you set up in any part of real-time are preserved in the Events report. For example, in the above screengrab we have set up a filter here to see what events are triggered from visitors coming via organic search.
2. Content Breakdown by Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
We live in an increasingly multi-screen world, and now you can see in real-time the type of device that visitors are using to visit your web site (desktop, tablet and mobile). This is available in the content report as shown below:

improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 2

As with real-time reports, you can easily see your visitors filtered by the device type (by clicking on either of “Desktop” “Tablet” “Mobile”).
3. Shortcuts for your important real-time segments
We’ve heard from users that you like to look at certain segments of visitors in real-time, but dislike setting up the filters each time. Now, you can use the “Create Shortcut” feature to store your favorite segments. 

improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 3

Now all you need to do is open up Shortcuts from the left navigation menu and click to any of your shortcuts.
4. Comparison real-time to overall data
Finally, you can compare the pageviews of your segmented visitors to overall traffic as shown below. This is nifty if you want to see quick comparison trends. For example, many times, after a G+ post, I create a filter by device type of “Mobile” and can see that the mobile traffic picks up much faster and also contributes more to the initial increase in pageviews.

improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 4

Stay tuned for continued improvements to real-time, a growing area of importance for your digital marketing.
Posted by the Google Analytics Real-Time team
improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 5 improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 6

improvements to google analytics realtime reports tyoti 7

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