What PR firm do you recommend with mobile experience

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I’d very much welcome your suggestions for public relations firms (and/or individuals) working in the mobile space. The reason I ask is that I’m trying to put a reasonably comprehensive list together. Every week I get emails from people asking for suggestions for companies to meet. I have got my favourites (some of whom I […]

Measuring Progress in Sustainability Strategy: Caesar’s “CodeGreen” Adds Up

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Business is a major driver of socio-economic impact, and socio-economic impact is a major predictor of business success, especially in the long term. As a result, companies are increasingly interested in measuring their sustainability influence for a variety of reasons, ranging from reducing cost and risk to creating and capturing new opportunities. So are corporates […]

Updating Export And Send Features To Support Your Legacy Technology

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We believe you should be able to access your Google Analytics data from wherever, whenever. And while yes, it’s pretty convenient to be able to export data to Google Spreadsheets or send a report to an email recipient with a few simple clicks, we recognize there are other ways people like to be able to […]