Free WiFi on the underground: Enough to keep you happy

free wifi on the underground enough to keep you happy ioond 0

Yesterday Vodafone splashed in the Metro about their all new (well, sort of) wifi offering for customers using the London Underground system. If you’ve ever been caught wanting to send an email or look up somewhere on a map whilst on the platform, having access to the Internet is mighty convenient. I have tried the […]

5 Hilarious iPhone Photo Apps for April Fools’ Day

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With April Fools Day just a few days away, are you looking to pull off the most EPIC prank Or maybe you are looking for a funny iPhone camera app that will bring loads of laughs around a dinner table Heres a list of 5 of the funniest iPhone photo apps that I found on the App Store that will bring the house down with laughter.

Google Begins April Fools Early This Year: Promotes “Google Nose”

Screen Shot 2013 04 01 at 10.09.15 AM

Always the April Fools pranksters (remember last years self-driven NASCAR car announcement), Google is once again partaking in the age-old practice of trying to dupe people on April 1 into believing the unbelievable. This year, Google is getting the April Fools hilarity started a bit early with their announcement of “Google Nose” earlier tonight. Supposedly, Google […]