Facebook graph search is overhyped but will return (like Google+)

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Like a king welcoming guests to a banquet, Mark Zuckerberg recently brought in the press for the fanfare of Facebook’s new “graph search”. There was a whole gaggle of hype, buzz and euphoria. But will it actually live up to all that excitement What do you need to know’ Facebook graph in a nutshell So […]

Toyota Accelerates PR With SHIFT Communications


A few weeks ago I hinted cryptically that I’d have big news to share. Did I say “big”  I meant BIG.  Here’s the official language from today’s press release: SAN FRANCISCO, CA(Marketwire Feb 14, 2013) SHIFT Communications today announced that Toyota has selected the award-winning firm as its primary PR agency in the Northeast Region, […]

Writing Posts for Facebook Business Pages

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Writing posts for Facebook is quite different than writing normal business content for the web. Facebook is a unique marketing venue that requires a special touch to connect with your fans. Let’s explore some techniques to use when writing posts for your business Facebook page. When you write for Facebook, your fans are expecting a […]

2013 State of the Union

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Each year the President’s State of the Union speech, and the opposition response that follows it, ignites a national conversation about a host of issues. Tonight’s #SOTU address and response drew more than 1.36 million Tweets. If you watched the speech on TV, you could see how members of Congress and political dignitaries responded to […]

Case study: FBX ads result in more sales when combined with Facebook Ads API

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E-commerce customers who were targeted with Facebook Exchange remarketing ads after first seeing a traditional Facebook ad generated 89 percent more in sales revenue than customers who entered the remarketing pool through non-Facebook channels, according to a study by Nanigans. In a four-month study of an online retailer that generated $1.2 million in sales revenue from 5,188 customers […]

Verify Your Measurement Setup With Tag Assistant

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Google Analytics is, at its core, a simple and powerful tool. But once you start to customize the code to take advantage of all the flexibility available you may find yourself needing some help troubleshooting a nagging issue.  A new Chrome Extension created by engineers here at Google hopes to make troubleshooting tag installs much […]