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Facebook in the decline

Is Facebook in Decline?

You’ve probably had a few friends that would describe themselves as “Facebook addicts.” Maybe you are a “Facebook addict” yourself. But looking back at trends from 2015, it appears that the social media platform has actually been declining in actively participating users, and is feeling the pressure from other rapidly growing social apps.   ... read more

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The Anonymity Factor in Apps for College Students

Anonymous apps prove to be popular with the college crowd. There’s Yik Yak, a location-based app, ... read more


Goodbye Ello: Why the Anti-Facebook will Fail

When Ello launched as an anti-Facebook, people responded with enthusiasm and the media buzzed with ... read more

social media trends 2014

Social Media Trends in 2014

With the new year just around the corner, we want to give you a glimpse into the most notable social media trends that are going to take place in ... read more