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Emoji Hashtags: Instagram update!

And yet again, Instagram adds some new things to the popular mobile platform. 3 filters were being added today. That’s 3 more possibilities to make another great shot and share it with the world. Hooray! The filters are called Juno, Lark and Reyes.       Another and more important update on Instagram is the ... read more

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Meerkat: is it a hype or just a very good idea?

Have you already checked out Meerkat? One of the hottest apps of the moment? No? Shame on you. ... read more


Tripnary, it’

Do you have a list of all those wonderful places in the world you want to visit? Can’t decide ... read more


Everplaces App: Share your location recommendations!

Have you been bitten by the wanderlust bug? Record your travels and learn more about the locations you visit. We all have our favorite places – from vacation spots, city streets, neighborhood secrets. With the Everplaces app, you can keep a record of all the amazing places you’ve experienced and the ones you would love ... read more

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Ribbon App: Make plans with friends!

Ever realize you were in the same city, concert, festival, sports game, or business conference as a ... read more

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Knotch: Social Networking App

Knotch is a simple way to capture your thoughts and share them with others. Hot or Cold? ... read more

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Social Media Apps: Happier!

Social Media is THE place to share. And the best things to share are the moments and things that make you smile and feel good. That is where Happier comes along! Happier is a new social media platform and App where - you guessed it - you share the things that make you happy! ... read more

rebecca minkoff ny fashion week snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff: NY Fashion Week on Snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff will join a handful of brands who have used Social Media to debut their New York ... read more

Instagram 4.1 Update

Instagram Ups the Video Ante

Instagram have up'd the ante of their video offering with Instagram 4.1. New changes and updates ... read more