5 social media trends that will change in 2015

Earlier this year Facebook  lost nearly one third of it’s users, people speculated this would be the end of its days, however, recent reporting reveals that Facebook has seen a record growth. In the third quarter of 2013 Facebook made nearly $2.96 billion in ad revenue and added nearly 100 million new users. What ... read more


Luxury brands reluctant towards social media

When platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were first launched, many marketers leap at the ... read more


‘Edgar’ stops social media posts from going to waste!

It’s a known fact that most of your social media updates are only seen by a fraction of your ... read more

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Pinterest Marketing Tips For Your Business

Over the years, pinterest is one of the social media channels that is growing rapidly, aside from instagram and twitter. Many people are already into this social media platform because they are free to share crafts, quotes, fashion, photographer, and more. However, this is not only about sharing images because pinterest can do more ... read more

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Is SMS Marketing useful?

Is SMS Marketing useful or not? That is the question for this brand new article. What is SMS ... read more


Promote your product via Vine

If you want a fast and effective way to promote your product, you should use Vine. Vine is a ... read more


Effective calls to action on Twitter

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Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong: Very Public Twitter Fails

As much as there are numerous success stories on the use of Twitter in online marketing efforts, there are still a handful of Twitter marketing fails which can be singled out. Here are some of the most popular social media marketing attempts (via Twitter) gone ... read more

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Instagram Socialmatic Camera: Concept to Reality?

Try to think to pick the Instagram App icon and try to make a real camera… This is the main ... read more

Google Plus

Google Plus Author Attribution and Embedded Posts

Last week Google announced the introduction of two new, amazing features to their Google plus ... read more