You can now edit Instagram photo captions!

Instagram will now let you change your photo captions once you have already posted them. The new update also has added new recommendations to the explore menu. In the past the app would not allow users to tweak the captions after having posted the photo or video. In the past you would have needed ... read more


Social buttons

Social Media is a valuable tool for promoting all your content. But with so many social networks ... read more

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Social Recruiting: Are you being spotlighted?

Social Recruiting is when companies use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites to ... read more

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Manage your online presence!

The Internet is ageless and continues far beyond the limits that you might like. In other words, what you write today may haunt you in the future. Avoid the pitfalls of social ... read more

Social Media Logotype Background

Three stages of Social Media

A lot of organizations are present in the world of social media. Not all these organizations use ... read more

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Twitter Announces Twitter Alerts

On Wednesday September 25, Twitter announced it's latest product update - Twitter alerts, giving ... read more

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Facebook Shared Album Photo Album

Shared Photo Albums on Facebook

Facebook have launched their new "Shared Photo Albums" feature, which means the days of trudging through 50 Facebook albums from 1 event are ... read more

Facebook Story Bumping

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

On August 6 Facebook announced their latest update to the News Feed ranking algorithm. The goal of ... read more


Google+ Sign-In: Bringing App Activities to Google Search

When users search for your app, they often want to go deeper and see what in-app content fellow ... read more