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The Most Popular Hashtag Of Last Week On Social Media

What was The Most Popular Hashtag Of Last Week? The answer is, might have guessed, It was all about International Women’s Day. On March 8th, Women around the world took the social media to celebrate the big day. International Women’s Day.     1. #OneDayIWill Google started a day with special initiative by setting Google ... read more


Funniest Instagram accounts to follow if you’re having a bad day!

Need a pick me up? We all do! Thankfully Instagram provides for a great cure. Here are some ... read more


Social Media Strategy: Hashtag-happy Industries

Sometimes, people use hashtags in a joking and superfluous manner- but they are intended to be used ... read more

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Hashtags and Social Media

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Give in to hashtags – why you should be #ing?

Hashtags are universally present these days in the social media sites. You get to see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. There was a time when ‘#’ was simply a pound sign or hash. But, with the advent of Twitter this mundane sign became an online sensation. And today, whether you are ... read more


Facebook Hashtags

The world’s largest and most known social network announced the incorporation of hashtags. ... read more


Google changes: Hashtag search and Youtube comments!

Google+ expands across Google properties in a big way with the launch of hashtag search and youtube ... read more


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