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Captions For Profile Pictures: Mentally On The Beach

Fewer things in life are more exciting than changing your profile picture. It’s one of your big Facebook moments and a time when you’re itching for likes and comments. But of course, you need the right caption to seal the deal. Here are captions for profile pictures so you don’t have to struggle thinking ... read more


Cute Captions for Selfies!

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Niche Social Media

Niche Social Media: Where Do You Fall?

Individuals worldwide can exhibit their crafty ideas by approaching social media in a more ... read more

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Upload Facebook Video: Tips and Tricks for Engagement

Video viewership is growing by leaps, as more people are watching video on Facebook. According to Tech Crunch, there are 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users on Facebook. Moreover, as we can see on The most watched Facebook video ranking of February via Tubular, over 4.4 million videos has been generating over ... read more

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Fastest Growing Social Media Networks

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Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2016

As we continue to dive further into 2016, the social aspect of technology moves right along with ... read more

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Social Media Buy Buttons

Consumerism has recently found a new place on social media with social media buy buttons. Last summer, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter announced that they would feature social media buy buttons. One example was when AMC used the button to offer $30 gift cards to its theaters. Last December Facebook announced several other ... read more


Is Paid Social Media Marketing Worth It?

Paid social media marketing: it’s a buzzword in the marketing world, but what is it? Many ... read more

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The Bernie Sanders Social Media Movement

Barack Obama made history as the first presidential candidate to take advantage of social media as ... read more