Savage Instagram Captions: You Can’t Do Epic Shit With Basic People

Being the perfect amount of savage is truly an art form. We’ve all had times when we posted a bold Instagram picture but couldn’t think of any savage Instagram captions to match up to its greatness. Lucky for you, we have a whole collection of savage captions full of comebacks, iconic quotes and even song lyrics, for you to nail that Instagram.


Savage Instagram Captions:

  • Life goes on, with or without you
  • Her attitude savage but her heart is gold
  • Proof that I can do selfies better than you
  • You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions
  • I don’t need any part-time people in my life
  • I am fiji water, you are toilet water
  • Just like the alphabet, bitch, I come before U
  • My mascaras too expensive to cry over stupid boys like you
  • So, you’re on Instagram? You must be an amazing photographer
  • What if I told you, you can eat without posting it on Instagram
  • Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, bitch
  • You only drink diet soda? You must be so healthy
  • You can’t do epic shit with basic people
  • I’m just at a whole new ‘fuck it’ level


Savage Mean Girls Lines:

  • “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m popular” – Gretchen Wieners
  • “Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen!” – Regina George
  • “Boo you whore!” – Regina George
  • “She doesn’t even go here!” – Damian
  • “You can’t sit with us!” Gretchen Wieners
  • “That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I’ve ever seen” – Regina George


Savage Kardashian Quotes:

  • “I hate small minded assholes” – Khloe Kardashian
  • “Do you want me to list everything annoying about you?” – Kourtney Kardashian
  • “I’m gracing you with my presence” – Kourtney Kardashian
  • “I got all these bitches shaking in fear. Quick to talk shit yet scared to come near” – Kendall Jenner
  • “I am the view.” – Kourtney Kardashian
  • “I’ll cry at the end of the day, not with fresh makeup.” – Kim Kardashian
  • “Back off bitch, you need to get a life.” – Khloe Kardashian


Savage Song Lyrics:

  • “I’m just sayin’ you could do better” – Drake
  • “Bow down, bitches” – Beyonce
  • “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone” – Justin Bieber
  • “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?” – Rihanna
  • “Cause I slay, all day” – Beyonce
  • “Where you movin?” I said, “Onto better things” – Drake
  • “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags” – Kanye West
  • “I made that bitch famous” – Kanye West
  • “When I walk in, sit up straight, I don’t give a fuck if I was late” – Nicki Minaj
  • “Not that I don’t got good vision, but I don’t see competition.” – Nicki Minaj
  • “We dope girls, we flawless. We the poster girls for all this.” – Nicki Minaj


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