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Witty Tweets that Will Never Get Old!

There are certain things in life that just don’t get old. I find that humor is most definitely one of those things. One of the most vastly used sources for broadcasting personalized humor and well, wit, is none other than Twitter. Today I would like to show you a variety of witty tweets. That’s ... read more

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Favorite Celebrities to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social media that attracted millions of users around the globe. ... read more

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Feminism and Social Media: Helping or Hurting the Movement?

In the 1960’s, American feminists began their movement for equality. Unfortunately, the progress ... read more

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Funny Twitter Accounts to Follow

Sometimes your friends just aren’t funny. But luckily there are dedicated individuals that sit around and think of funny things to tweet. Ranging from professional comedians to silly celebrities to very weird, but hilarious Twitter accounts — we hope there’s someone listed here that fits your sense of humor. If we missed one of your ... read more


Your New Year’s Resolution for Social Media

The New Year will bring new possibilities, and believe it or not your social media usage can help ... read more

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2014’s Best Social Media Updates

The years come and go, but some social media platforms are here to stay.  While bug fixes are ... read more


5 social media trends that will change in 2015

Earlier this year Facebook  lost nearly one third of it’s users, people speculated this would be the end of its days, however, recent reporting reveals that Facebook has seen a record growth. In the third quarter of 2013 Facebook made nearly $2.96 billion in ad revenue and added nearly 100 million new users. What ... read more

"Howard Stern's Birthday Bash" Presented By SiriusXM, Produced By Howard Stern Productions - Inside

Chelsea Handler challenges Instagram with the butt of all jokes!

Chelsea Handler is at it again, this time she’s mocking Kim Kardashian. If you’ve been ... read more


Luxury brands reluctant towards social media

When platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were first launched, many marketers leap at the ... read more