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Best and Worst Social Media Challenges

The past few years have been full of social media challenges — some of them were for fun, some were for charity, and some were just downright outrageous! These challenges are usually short-lived, but spread quickly across the net, often spawning millions of new videos and photos and becoming lodged in our pop culture ... read more

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What Season Am I: Quiz

Have you ever thought to yourself “what season am I”? Some people enjoy every season as ... read more

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Emoji Jewelry: Will the trend last?

Last year Oxford Dictionaries named the 😂 (Face with Tears of Joy) its 2015 Word of the ... read more

Social Media Culture

social media challenges

Social Media Contests: A Timeline of Viral Challenges

Social media gives people the power to connect. How people use that opportunity is up to them. We’ve seen social media react to worldwide events, spur social movements, reconnect families and more. But we’ve also seen social media leverage communication for fun. Social media contests inspire users to try new things. While some have more ... read more

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Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow

Are you a Pinterest user? If yes, do you know what the best Pinterest accounts to follow? Well, ... read more

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Interesting Subreddits You Can Spend Hours On!

In many cases, before content goes viral on Facebook or Twitter, it appears on Reddit first. ... read more

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What Is VSCO?

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Celebrity Social Media Fights, Ouch!

Believe it or not, celebrities are humans too. They go to sleep at night, they wake up in the morning, and they get mad when people are mean to them. Life in the limelight makes it tough to defend yourself professionally when all you want to do is fire back! However, sometimes a little cat fight ... read more

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Fastest Growing Social Media Networks

It’s no surprise to the average internet and mobile user that the rise of social media ... read more

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Social Media reacts following Brussels Attacks

Three explosions, two at the Brussels airport and one on the subway system, left at least 31 people ... read more