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Funniest YouTube videos of 2016

It was the year many would rather not think about ever again, but 2016 was a great year for funny youtube videos, and since everyone needs cheering up, we’ve put together the funniest youtube videos of 2016. The Funniest YouTube videos of 2016:   Channing Tatum and his wife brought us this gem:   ... read more

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Social Networking Sites in India: The Most Popular

Social Networking sites in India generate a huge amount of traffic compared with other countries, ... read more

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Best and Worst Social Media Challenges

The past few years have been full of social media challenges — some of them were for fun, ... read more

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What Season Am I: Quiz

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Emoji Jewelry: Will the trend last?

Last year Oxford Dictionaries named the 😂 (Face with Tears of Joy) its 2015 Word of the Year, so let’s face it, Emoji’s have taken the world by storm, but now we’re heading into the realm of emoji jewelry. Since they were released in the late 90s, Emojis have evolved to be used in ... read more


Social Media Culture

Social media continuously evolves, as users discover new ways to differentiate themselves and ... read more

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Social Media Contests: A Timeline of Viral Challenges

Social media gives people the power to connect. How people use that opportunity is up to them. ... read more

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Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow

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Interesting Subreddits You Can Spend Hours On!

In many cases, before content goes viral on Facebook or Twitter, it appears on Reddit first. Reddit, the front page of the Internet, is home to the people passionate about unique, quality content. Reddit differs from many social media platforms in its community feel- not only will you enjoy the content you find, but ... read more

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What Is VSCO?

It’s easy to fall behind on the latest trends in social media, with it’s high speed ... read more

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Celebrity Social Media Fights, Ouch!

Believe it or not, celebrities are humans too. They go to sleep at night, they wake up in the ... read more