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Best Social Media Advertising Site for You: Quiz

Are you looking for the best social media advertising site for you or your business?  There are now so many social media sites providing advertising platforms that it can be very confusing when deciding which is best for you, your product or your business. Even if you already have a social media platform in ... read more

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Branded Social Media Style

Social media platforms are supposed to be social, so when it comes to perfecting your branded ... read more


Best Brand Social Media Moments in 2016

Social media marketing has proved itself in 2016 as the most influential medium to grow brand ... read more

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LinkedIn Rule

The One Rule for LinkedIn

LinkedIn users vary. There are those that log in every day, like recruiters or head hunters. Then, there are those that only log in when they need something, like a new job or a new connection. But every LinkedIn user should follow one simple rule: update your LinkedIn every six months. It’s easy to ... read more


Location Based Social Media Marketing

Location based social media marketing is incredibly different from conventional keyword-based ... read more


Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Ask any digital marketing executive, “Is social media important for a digital marketing ... read more

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New Social Media Platforms

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6 Essentials of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most cost-effective, yet solid techniques to increase visits to your website is quality social media marketing. Almost 90% of the global population uses social media in their everyday lives, hence, it’s a great place to increase your visibility and subsequently generate leads. Some of the most popular social media sites that ... read more

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Growing Social Media Strategies: Organic, Free Methods

Growing your social media starts with strategy. Any individual or business looking to increase the ... read more

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Social Media Apps: Battle of the Generations

“Mom, you can’t zoom in on Instagram.” (Gives Mom phone the next day to show her ... read more