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Social media rankings–why is Selena Gomez No. 1?

On June 25th, Selena Gomez posted a photo to her Instagram account. The photo featured herself holding a coke bottle with the words “You’re the spark,” while the caption read “when your lyrics are on the bottle .” This photo became the most liked post in the history of Instagram, surpassing Justin Bieber’s March ... read more


Upload Facebook Video: Tips and Tricks for Engagement

Video viewership is growing by leaps, as more people are watching video on Facebook. According to ... read more

Parents on social media

Facebook Facts 2015: Parents on Social Media

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created theFacebook for fellow Harvard University students to ... read more

Facebook in the decline

Is Facebook in Decline?


Will “Facebook at Work” mode Ever Take Off?

As you are well aware, Facebook, the largest social network, offers a variety of options to its users while online. You can write on someone’s wall, send a message or chat with them via the chat interface that can be found on the lower right corner. In the same manner, you can see who ... read more

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Feminism and Social Media: Helping or Hurting the Movement?

In the 1960’s, American feminists began their movement for equality. Unfortunately, the progress ... read more


Hiding your photos on Facebook doesn’t make them go away

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find unpleasant photos from the night before tagged on ... read more

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Attention marketers: make the most out of social media posts

It’s time to get creative about the ways you can reach out to people when social media imposes restrictions upon you. Here are 5 examples of how marketers are winning at social media according to Garrett Sloane from Adweek: 1. Selling on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter A company named Zantler launched Shoppost which enables Amazon ... read more


5 social media trends that will change in 2015

Earlier this year Facebook  lost nearly one third of it’s users, people speculated this ... read more


Luxury brands reluctant towards social media

When platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were first launched, many marketers leap at the ... read more