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Cyberbullying Victim

Stop Cyberbullying in it’s tracks!

While beginning in AIM chat rooms and MySpace, cyber bullying has spread to every social media platform. By definition, cyber bullying can take place on any electronic device from any platform, including text messages, social media, websites, chat rooms and forums. The computer screen provides a divide between the attacker and victim that allows ... read more

snapchat update

The Snapchat Update Users Are Begging For!

If we can count on any social media platform to have fun, unpredictable updates, it’s the ... read more

boycott black friday

Shoppers Against Black Friday Unite on Twitter

With Black Friday approaching, both businesses and consumers prepare for bargains. While some ... read more


Social Media Brand Fail: Shell Instagram

Netflix featured photo

Social Media Brand Fail: Netflix

Netflix is all over social media. Whether talking about their latest “Netflix binge” or talking specifically about a favorite Netflix show, fans create a lot of buzz about the online streaming service. While many companies would love to capitalize on brand ambassadors promoting their services, Netflix misses the chance to engage with customers on Facebook. However, where the ... read more


Brand Fails: McDonald’s Instagram

Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users engaging with 70 million photos per day. The ... read more


Instagram is a Pet Owner’s Best friend

The number of pet accounts has increased tremendously on Instagram! Have you ever thought the ... read more


Funniest Instagram accounts to follow if you’re having a bad day!

Need a pick me up? We all do! Thankfully Instagram provides for a great cure. Here are some incredibly funny, cute and inspiring accounts you should check out if you need something to lift your spirits. Thank me later. Don’t forget to check out our first post about some awesome and funny instagram accounts ... read more


Party Party brings more fun to your Party

Party Party is another app that has taken the app market world by storm. The Party Party app, which ... read more


What Tool to Use for Measuring Social Media Marketing Performance

If you are engaged in social media marketing, it is important to measure your rate of return on ... read more