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Social media age limits

Reasons Behind Social Media Age Limits

While many find social media as an overwhelming opportunity to prove their metal to the internet realm, there are certain risks and dangers associated with this medium of communication and advertisement. There are a number of different social media platforms, which are being used in order to help people prove their online presence and ... read more

Niche Social Media

Niche Social Media: Where Do You Fall?

Individuals worldwide can exhibit their crafty ideas by approaching social media in a more ... read more


Location Based Social Media Marketing

Location based social media marketing is incredibly different from conventional keyword-based ... read more

Instagram Videos

Upload Facebook Video: Tips and Tricks for Engagement

Video viewership is growing by leaps, as more people are watching video on Facebook. According to Tech Crunch, there are 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users on Facebook. Moreover, as we can see on The most watched Facebook video ranking of February via Tubular, over 4.4 million videos has been generating over ... read more

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6 Essentials of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most cost-effective, yet solid techniques to increase visits to your website is quality ... read more

how to use snapchat

How to Use Snapchat’s New Features

As if taking selfies didn’t look weird enough, Snapchat has created new augmented reality ... read more

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Social media christmas

Christmas Social Media Habits Replace Traditions

Many families celebrate Christmas, but exactly how they celebrate Christmas changes. Sure, families still put up Christmas trees, exchange presents, attend Church and relax at home. But the little nuances of the Christmas season have changed— largely due to social media. We’ve outlined how Christmas social media habits on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have redefined ... read more

hootsuite or buffer

Buffer vs Hootsuite: Who to Trust with Scheduling Strategy

Social media strategy involves various components including text, visuals and hashtags. But even ... read more

Kardashian App Launch

The Surprising Reason Why Kylie Jenner’s App Outranks Her Sisters’

On Tuesday, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall released their new websites and apps in SoHo, New York ... read more