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6 Essentials of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most cost-effective, yet solid techniques to increase visits to your website is quality social media marketing. Almost 90% of the global population uses social media in their everyday lives, hence, it’s a great place to increase your visibility and subsequently generate leads. Some of the most popular social media sites that ... read more

how to use snapchat

How to Use Snapchat’s New Features

As if taking selfies didn’t look weird enough, Snapchat has created new augmented reality ... read more

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Favorite Celebrities to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social media that attracted millions of users around the globe. ... read more

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hootsuite or buffer

Buffer vs Hootsuite: Who to Trust with Scheduling Strategy

Social media strategy involves various components including text, visuals and hashtags. But even with the perfect combination of all three, engagement can lag behind expectation. That’s when automated tools can help. Scheduling content can help optimize visibility and therefore engagement. In regards to both to drafting and posting times, social media professionals typically choose ... read more

Kardashian App Launch

The Surprising Reason Why Kylie Jenner’s App Outranks Her Sisters’

On Tuesday, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall released their new websites and apps in SoHo, New York ... read more


Rap Lyrics on Old Paintings Make Hilarious Instagrams

Becoming “instafamous” takes invention and dedication. Generally, comedy and parody ... read more

Bye Felipe Instagram

Bye Felipe Instagram Revenges Men


What Makes a Successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign?

Dreaming of surpassing a Kickstarter goal by thousands of dollars? It’s possible — there have been many campaigns that have caught fire on Kickstarter, raising several percent above their original goals. So, what makes a campaign extra successful? We take a look at specific details that can bring a campaign over the top. 1. ... read more

Successful social media make up artists

Makeup Artist Success Stories on Social Media

How can a makeup enthusiast from “small-town nowhere” go from occasionally posting videos on ... read more

Mind what you post in the social media

Mind what you post in the social media sphere!

“Awesome: Your tweet was viewed 5, 243 times!” Did you know that your social media ... read more