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Is Paid Social Media Marketing Worth It?

Paid social media marketing: it’s a buzzword in the marketing world, but what is it? Many organizations are now engaging in social selling and marketing to customers. Peer reviews, personalized Facebook ads and even fashion or food posts on Instagram are all examples of platforms with the potential for paid social media marketing. Have ... read more


“Recommend” Social Media App: Share Your Advice

Every social media app today is hoping to relate to what users want. Have you ever discovered a ... read more

Bernie Sanders Twitter

The Bernie Sanders Social Media Movement

Barack Obama made history as the first presidential candidate to take advantage of social media as ... read more


FounderFox App: Startup Central


3 Reasons Not to Post Pictures of Children on Social Media

Just about all of the parents I know post constant pictures of their children on social media. My newsfeed is regularly flooded with ‘first day of school’ pictures and ‘Johnny won his baseball game’ albums. Entire Instagram accounts exist for parents to document their children on social media. This must be harmless, right? It’s an ... read more


Snapchat Advertising: Is the Cost Worth the Impressions?

Every business is constantly looking to stay ahead of the game. This is especially important, if ... read more

the fear of being ignored on social media

The Fear of Being Ignored on Social Media

Social media is incorporated into our everyday lives. We bring real social interactions to a halt ... read more