Social media age limits

Reasons Behind Social Media Age Limits

qualities in a social media manager

Must-Have Qualities in a Social Media Manager

Without any doubt, social media has become one of the leading mediums which have allowed people to get in contact with their loved ones and their family members living in different corners of the world. Being one of the largest venues which aid promotion of products and sales of different brands, social media has ... read more

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Used These 5 Social Media Apps

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8 Famous Celebrity Instagram Pets

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social media jargon

A Glossary Of The Social Media Jargon

TBH there are so many trends and hashtags going viral that I often wonder DAE also have the same problem understanding them or is it just me? If you had the same problem understanding the last sentence as I did when I actually started understanding the jargon of the social media world then you ... read more

Niche Social Media

Niche Social Media: Where Do You Fall?

Individuals worldwide can exhibit their crafty ideas by approaching social media in a more ... read more


Consumers React to Social Media Platforms’ Biggest Failures

Social Media platforms are known to test the limits of technology, as well as the limits of their ... read more

LinkedIn Rule

The One Rule for LinkedIn


Social Media Demographics

Social media is ever present in our technology-driven society. In fact, having only one social media account is no longer enough–an individual must have a Facebook, a Twitter, an Instagram, a LinkedIn, etc., etc. Unsurprisingly, millennials are the most active on all social media channels. Additionally, urban users are more likely to partake in ... read more


Location Based Social Media Marketing

Location based social media marketing is incredibly different from conventional keyword-based ... read more

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Instagram Caption Quotes For Pictures!

Update your Instagram profile or bio by adding these inspirational and witty Instagram caption ... read more